Jun.23, 2022

Retal shares to debut on Tadawul on June 27th

Retal shares to debut on Tadawul on June 27th

Shares of Retal Urban Development Co. will debut on Tadawul on June 27 with the symbol 4322 and ISIN Code: SA15J1S23H17.

The stock will have +/- 30% daily price fluctuation limits and +/- 10% static price fluctuation limits.

These fluctuation limits will be applied during the first three days of listing, after which the daily price fluctuation limits will revert to +/- 10% and the static price fluctuation limits will no longer apply.

The company offered 12 million shares, representing 30% of its capital, of which 90% was allocated to participating parties and 10% to retail investors at SAR 120 per share.

The retail offering was 8.88x covered, as 233,100 investors subscribed to the company’s shares, with a total investment of SAR 1.3 billion.

Source: https://www.argaam.com/en/article/articledetail/id/1569792

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