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As Saudi Arabia continues to reach for the future, the company stands ready to support the Kingdom’s drive for economic diversification. By focusing on developing a wide-ranging portfolio, we are building a solid foundation to connect investors to opportunities and deliver greater value for our shareholders.

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Ascend Healthcare Solutions
Ascend Healthcare Solutions

Ascend Healthcare Solutions is a holistic healthcare solutions provider that helps to facilitate best-in-class patient care in Saudi Arabia.

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Al Fozan Holding Company works closely with industry leaders from both the private and public sectors to develop partnerships or alliances that create new opportunities for all.

We pride ourselves on the quality of impact that we as a company have created over more than 60 years. As Saudi Arabia pushes ahead with its ambitious Vision 2030, Al Fozan sees an incredible opportunity that will lead the company into the next stages of its businesses.

The strategic goal of Al Fozan has always been to collaborate with successful and prominent players in their particular markets who wish to expand geographically within the Arab region. The company’s insight and investment experience are critical in providing assurance and confidence to new business partners. The success of the collaboration not only hinges on financial and strategic stability, but also on the transfer of industry expertise and knowledge that can be leveraged to take advantage of opportunities and accelerate growth for everyone in the shared journey.

If you think you can add value and also share Al Fozan’s ambitions and principles, connect with us. Together, we have the potential to create both wealth and prosperity for the entire community.