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About Us

About Us


Who We Are

Al Fozan Holding is one of the largest family-owned companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it started its business from Al-Khobar then expanded its activities to cover the Gulf region and the Middle East. The company succeeded in establishing its position and diversifying its business as one of the fastest growing success stories in the region to occupy a prominent leadership position today.

Al Fozan Holding is proud of its achievements in the business world and its impact in the field of sustainability and its merit in contemporary markets at various levels. The company employs its expertise under the leadership of its distinguished team in various areas of its business, including trading, real estate development, manufacturing and retailing.

The success march


The company was established in 1959 by the founders Abdullatif bin Ahmed Al Fozan and his brother Mohammed bin Ahmed Al Fozan under the name of Abdullatif and Mohammed Al Fozan, which took from the activity of general trading a starting point for its march. They were well known inside and outside the Kingdom for the trading in timber and iron, as the company had a detailed role in transferring this field of trading to a new qualitative dimension. Over the years, the company's activities have expanded to cover different areas, keeping pace with its aspirations to invest in promising economic opportunities.

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Growth and prosperity

For more than 60 years, Al Fozan Holding has established a group of entities in variety of sectors, including trading, real estate development, manufacturing and retailing, the company has become an umbrella that manages a diversified investment portfolio with more than 30 leading companies. This diversity is a major axis within the company's well-known solid strategy, which is based on integration and horizontal and vertical expansion. The company also works according to an operational model through which investments and subsidiaries are enabled, as well as business development and governance programs are implemented to support the achievement of sustainable development goals and take into account the application of quality and transparency standards. The company has successfully established alliances and mergers with prominent partners in order to expand geographically and explore promising growth potentials.

Philosophy and values

The company aspires to continue its approach to work and enhance its presence in the economic scene, committed to its role as a supporting entity for transformation, and as a system with humanitarian initiatives that play its role towards its society in harmony with the objectives of the Kingdom's Vision 2030.


A brighter future for everyone around us.


Creating value through intelligence, experience and creativity.


The company goes on the path of leadership in accordance with its established values and principles to make change and be an active element in mapping future successes.

Unwavering focus and determination in exploring uncharted waters with a pioneering spirit.

Unsurpassed commitment to our word and adherence to strict ethical standards.

An uncompromising attitude towards achieving excellence in all that we do.

An unfailing mindset to do right by others with transparency and credibility.

Good corporate citizenship
Unquestionably inspired to bringing prosperity and longevity to the Saudi Arabian society, and the world it inhabits.

The way forward

The company seeks to expand its reach and explore new horizons while continuing its passionate and enthusiastic approach to sustainable development that is built on solid foundations and a rich legacy of successes, to enhance its role in building a vibrant society, a thriving economy and an ambitious nation that matches the Kingdom's aspirations to move towards a brighter future.