Feb.19, 2024

"Ajdan" as a Platinum Sponsor for Restatex Real Estate Exhibition

اجدان - ريستاتكس

Ajdan Real Estate Development sponsors the Restatex Real Estate Exhibition held from February 18-21, 2024, in Riyadh, under the patronage of the Minister of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing, Mr. Majid Al-Hoqil. The exhibition features the participation of several local companies related to the real estate and housing sector. Ajdan is the platinum sponsor of this important and recurring event in the real estate sector in the Kingdom.

Regarding its platinum sponsorship of the exhibition, the CEO of Ajdan Real Estate Development, Engineer Mohammed Al-Otaibi, explained that this sponsorship is a support for the efforts of the country, under the auspices of the blessed 2030 Vision, to develop and revitalize all aspects of life in the Kingdom, including the real estate sector. The company has a vision to be the leading national real estate developer in enhancing the quality of life through the creation of exceptional projects that elevate the quality of life for communities through its extensive experience in design and execution.

Engineer Mohammed Al-Otaibi welcomed the attendees to the Ajdan booth, which during the exhibition, unveils its latest projects; including the Resin Residential Project located in the Sadr neighborhood of Roshan, the Infinity Project in the city of Khobar, which consists of three towers with 486 residential units in addition to various commercial units, and the Dara Project in cooperation with the National Housing Company, which includes nearly 2689 residential units in several cities and regions of the Kingdom.

Ajdan Real Estate Development was established in the city of Khobar, Saudi Arabia, in 2016 specifically to develop quality projects in prestigious neighborhoods in Saudi Arabia, the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, and beyond. Through its activities, Ajdan aims to provide multi-use projects ranging from residential to commercial, hospitality, and entertainment to serve as many segments of society as possible, continuing its role in supporting the real estate development sector and being recognized with several international awards such as the 2018 Cityscape Award and the 2020 Versailles Paris Award.


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