Feb.02, 2021

Abdullatif Al Fozan Listed Among The Most Influential Arabs in Social Responsibility

Abdullatif Al Fozan Listed Among The Most Influential Arabs in Social Responsibility

The Regional Network for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) announced the inclusion of Sheikh Abdullatif bin Ahmed Al-Fozan, in the list of ‘The Most Influential Arabs in Social Responsibility for 2020.’ Sheikh Al-Fozan’s inclusion in this prestigious list acknowledges his contributions in terms of social responsibility initiatives and recognizes him as one of the top socially active Arab personalities among community leaders and activists.

The list was unveiled on Saturday, January 23rd, 2021, during the ninth edition of the ‘Forum for the Regional Network for Corporate Social Responsibility Partners for the year 2021’ held remotely. Themed ‘Leading Stakeholders' Expectations,’ the event featured a number of events related to promoting social responsibility.

The recognition crowns Sheikh Al-Fozan’s achievements as a pioneering businessman and philanthropist who has contributed to launching social initiatives aimed at building the nation and developing people in addition to helping meet the needs of individuals and families, advancing the society, and contributing to improving the quality of life.

Sheikh Al-Fozan’s role in community development is embodied in the unique model of sustainable qualitative initiatives and projects he has launched through Abdullatif Al-Fozan Social Foundation. He has been personally involved in supporting the Foundation’s programs, strengthening their effectiveness in promoting social responsibility, and raising community awareness. The Al-Fozan Academy, which develops the capabilities of leaders of non-profit institutions in the Kingdom, is at the forefront of these initiatives, along with the Al-Fozan Autism Center, which accommodates 240 autistic children, as well as Mujassam Watan Award. The Abdullatif Al-Fozan Award for Mosque Architecture also stands out as an initiative concerned with developing mosque architecture around the world and consolidating the Kingdom’s role as a pioneer in developing mosque architecture and serving them, besides stimulating the use of innovative technologies that make the mosque a suitable place for community service and a hub for the exchange of culture and knowledge.

Ertiqa is considered one of the qualitative initiatives that serve the education sector by preserving and prolonging the life of computers and other information technology hardware to help protect the environment and build a culture of sustainability.

It is noteworthy that the Regional Network for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an independent professional consultancy institution that aims to raise awareness of social responsibility and strengthen it across institutions in the government and private sectors. It adopts the principles of excellence in achievement and professionalism in performance, to establish a culture of social responsibility and provide adequate support to companies as well as government and civil institutions in the region, to promote best practices and embody principles and standards to achieve sustainable development through professional experts, accredited programs as well as national, regional, and international alliances and partnerships.


Source: https://lym.news/a/6303693

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