Jun.20, 2019

Tadbeir Participates in Saudi Facility Management Expo

Tadbeir Participates in Saudi Facility Management Expo

Tadbeir Integrated Facilities Management Company participated in the Facilities Management Expo held at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center throughout 28-30 January 2019 in the attendance of major companies specialized in facility management and services.

Tadbeir is a leading Saudi company in the field of integrated facility management, the highest growing sector in the Kingdom due to its urban development in line with Vision 2030. Through its participation in the exhibition, the company seeks to introduce the services it offers, which are compliant with international standards in this field – such as ISO standards and the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc), among others – in the use of technology and the latest building management systems. Tadbeir was distinguished by its active participation and membership in several facility management associations and programs, such as the Middle East Facility Management Association (MEFMA).

General Manager of Tadbeir Eng. Khaled Al Mubarak explained that the primary objective of facility management is to maintain buildings and operate them professionally in the required manner, which raises their value in terms of quality and sustainability. He pointed out that the large turnout at the exhibition is the biggest indicator that concerned entities are aware of the importance of the sector.

Tadbeir recently signed a contract to manage the facilities of the Bab Jeddah project, one of the projects of Emaar Middle East, as well as several other projects in the Eastern Province and Riyadh.

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