Dec.21, 2021

Retal Wins The Marketing Innovation & Creativity Award 2021

رتال تفوز بجائزة الإبداع التسويقي لعام 2021

Retal Urban Development Company won the Marketing Innovation & Creativity Award 2021 that is denoted by the slogan “It is our home. We are its soul” for the best video on the Saudi 91st National Day.

Retal won this award allocated for the private sector contributions for the second time in a row after winning the Media Excellence Award 2020 that is expressed by the slogan “We Build a Country then it Dwells in Us” last year for its promotional advertisement of the Saudi 90th National Day.

“We are proud of winning this award, this achievement is created from our country and dedicated to it and its people” Mr. Abdullah Al-Braikan, CEO of Retal, said.

Al-Braikan added: "We created this video to commemorate the wonderful moments and highlight the efforts made by national heroes, and we are glad that we achieved our goal; as it reached 10 millions views"

"This is a deed by which we honor those heroes and tell their stories" noting that "the National Day is a good opportunity to show how proud we are of this country and its people."

Al-Braikan stressed saying: "We are much obliged to Riyadh Chamber of Commerce for launching such contests, which aim to enhance creativity and motivate all parties to compete and do their best on the Saudi National Day."



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