Nov.11, 2020

Retal Wins 2020 Media Excellence Award

Retal Wins 2020 Media Excellence Award

Retal Urban Development won the 2020 Media Excellence Award for its video about the paths of the private and the non-profit sectors on the 90th National Day. The award is a new achievement added to the company’s multiple successes in all fields. Retal CEO Eng. Abdullah Al Braikan confirmed that the award is a source of pride and was due to the company’s participation in an important national event.

“This artistic piece we created for the National Day achieved more than five million views and stems from our belief in the necessity of participating in strengthening the national identity on the local and global levels,” he stated.

He added: “National events are an opportunity to express our love, sense of belonging, and pride in our nation and its leaders. We’d like to thank the Ministry of Media for creating this award, which encourages participation and creativity in the nation’s important events and occasions.

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