May.19, 2018

Retal Residence adopts Manzel Express for its property management solution

Retal Residence adopts Manzel Express for its property management solution

DAMMAM — Al-Fozan & Al-Muhaidib Real Estate Group recently announced a contract with ‘Manzel Express’ as the management and operation platform for Retal Residence compound. ‘Manzel Express’ is an all-in-one innovative system for the management of residential & commercial properties 24/7. It is designed to enhance the real estate sector and to organize resident-owner relationship.

Covering an area of 120,000 m² in the City of Khobar, the SR 550 million Retal Residence compound comprises 416 modern and well-appointed residences, including villas, townhouses and apartments that provide contemporary luxury through unparalleled amenities and 5-star services.

“We are committed to offering the best-in-class service backed by the most advanced technologies in property management to ensure our residents get an all-inclusive hassle-free experience with seamless communication,” Retal Residence CEO Konstantinos Dendrinos said. “We have awarded our property management system contract to Manzel Express so that we are able to provide a high-quality living service and keep pace with recent IT trends for a comprehensive and efficient management process”, he added.

Manzel Express is a rising IT company committed to introducing innovative solutions and technologies for the management of large residential and commercial compounds. The company’s flagship product, Manzel solution, is designed for property owners and managers who are keen on providing their customers with reliable services and cutting-edge technology tools.

“Our strategic partnership with Al-Fozan & Al-Muhaidib Group unlocks great potential for the Saudi Arabian real estate sector,” Eng. Yahya Shaheen, GM at Manzel Express, said. “The decision on renting a residential compound unit has become strongly connected with how efficient and organized the relationship between the property owner and the tenant, and also in which extent the services provided are able to secure a truly unique and modern lifestyle in Saudi Arabia,” he added.

Ahmad Kharbat, head of the innovative software development unit at Manzel Express, pointed out that technology is now shaping the lifestyles of the new generation who can access the Internet anytime anywhere. He appreciated the investment of Al-Fozan and Al-Muhaidib Group in introducing solutions to help with the management of all leasing-related processes in a way that ensures the highest levels of service quality, availability and efficiency.

Manzel Express system provides management and communication features, from contract management, employees tasks/efficiency control, rent collection, bill payments to property maintenance and resident-staff communication. A free mobile app is available for both residents & employees so that they have all these advanced services at their fingertips.

Saudi Arabia is witnessing major changes in the rental housing sector that require developers to search for real and unique added-values for their customers. Manzel Express is the system that adds attractive values such as seamless interaction between tenants and property owners or managers, the ability for a tenant to request maintenance job through the app and check for the status of his request, direct booking of a utility or entertainment facility, and online payment of fees and bills.

On the other hand, the system enables property owners and managers to take control over all operation, maintenance and communication processes, get information about vacant units, maintenance status and upcoming payments, and eventually help them measure the satisfaction level of their customers. Residents can also interact with each other to organize compound-based recreational activities.

The platform developers confirm its capability to reduce operational costs by a minimum of 60% and increase the efficiency of rent collection by at least 20%. It also reduces the number of phone calls received from tenants, builds phone directory for each compound, and sends notifications to property owners or manager to follow-up with maintenance requests.

The platform can be easily accessed through the web and mobile apps. It makes use of cloud computing technology to host databases, websites, e-mails and smartphone applications to ensure a convenient user experience and reliable services.

Designed with the end user in mind, the platform offers multiple interactive interfaces with tailored features and services for each type of users. Some of the features can be customized to suit the nature and size of the property or the integration with internal systems.

Perfectly combining beautiful and responsive design with reliable and high performance, the platform is compatible with different computers and smart phones and meets the latest security standards, making sure all accuracy, privacy and connection requirements are in place.

Thanks to its high flexibility and scalability features, the cloud-based system can easily accept the addition of new properties and compounds with few clicks in the settings menu.

It is an all-in-one solution loaded with features including, but not limited to, advanced dashboard to oversee all resident activities and unit KPIs, control of all resident requests and complaints and assigning them to the responsible staff, broadcasting of messages, notification and reminders, and the ability to connect all compound amenities such as the spa, swimming pool, local store, and meeting room.

The platform also offers a customized accounting system that enables residents to pay their rent/service fees online. Tasks and efficiency of all employees can be easily controlled through the system in addition to visitors’ access management and security.

Saudi Arabia is expected to witness significant growth in introducing advanced IT solutions for improving the level of services within residential compounds. Over the next 5 years, total growth of related IT services in Saudi Arabia is estimated at half a billion riyals. — SG


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