Apr.19, 2022

Retal provides 455 housing units in "Nesaj Town Al Narjis”

Retal provides 455 housing units in "Nesaj Town Al Narjis”

As part of its efforts to support the housing system, Retal Urban Development launched its new housing project, "Nesaj Town Al Narjis" in Riyadh, as it is part of the Jawharat Al Narjis project, which is being developed by the National Housing, through the "sakani" website.

Retal cooperates with the National Housing in launching the project, which aims to provide a residential community that provides quality of life and achieve citizen's well-being, which leads to raising the percentage of home ownership among citizens to 70% by 2030.

The total area of the new project, located in the Narjis district, north of Riyadh, is 127,712 square meters and contains 455 residential villas, of which 229 are model (A) villas, 190 are model (B) villas, and 36 are model (C) villas. This villa consists of 4 rooms.

One of the most prominent features of the project is the availability of all the required services, as there is a mosque, a garden, and a kindergarten school, in addition to the proximity of the project to the service authorities.

Retal indicated that this project is part of a series of Nesaj Town projects that extend to several cities in the eastern and central regions, which aim to secure optimal housing for the "sakani" program beneficiaries.

Source: https://sabq.org/saudia/%D8%B1%

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