Aug.20, 2023

Rehabilitation and Recycling of Over 8000 Devices in Partnership with Saudi Telecom Company (STC)

Ertiqa - STC

In a collaborative effort between the charitable organization 'Ertiqa' and Saudi Telecom Company (STC), more than 8000 devices have undergone rehabilitation and repurposing, contributing to a positive environmental impact and extended device lifespan. The partnership, which was originally established in 2018 and recently renewed for an additional 3 years in 2021, aims to promote sustainability, innovation, and digital opportunities, aligning with the 2030 vision.

Under this initiative, the non-profit sector takes an active role, utilizing STC's resources and capabilities to enhance access to technology and communication. Notably, a total of 1600 devices are donated annually in 9 distribution batches, benefiting over 300 entities and organizations across the entire nation.

This endeavor underscores the commitment to environmental responsibility and underscores the positive outcomes of device recycling within the framework of long-term sustainability.

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