Aug.24, 2022

"New Trends in Mosque Architecture" An architectural seminar organized by AFAMA

"New Trends in Mosque Architecture" An architectural seminar organized by AFAMA

The Abdullatif Al Fozan Award for Mosque Architecture, in collaboration with Retal Urban Development Company and the American Institute of Architects (Middle East,) held a panel discussion last Tuesday 23 August 2022 titled New Trends in Mosque Architecture, this seminar has been organized after concluding the final jury meetings of RETAL mosque design competition at Khobar. This competition that received 154 mosques designs from all over the world, in which have been reviewed by an international five jurors, and ended up at Alfozan Tower yesterday.

The secretary general of the award, director of business development of RETAL and competition jurors have discussed those new trends in mosque architecture. The secretary general of the award has presented goals of the competition, and how it aims to achieve, said Naim, to find new ideas for modern mosque architecture, ideas that offer visual, urban, technical, and even societal solutions that take mosque design and construction concepts to unprecedented heights, as well as to find new architectural talent and give new architects an opportunity to showcase their talent.

The competition’s importance, he added, lies in promoting the idea of applying creative thinking and problem-solving skills in solving the issues suffered by modern-day mosques. RETAL’s competition offers a global vision to young architects, with each iteration holding within it a great learning experience. In its very essence, architecture is all about experimenting, and this competition is a laboratory that’s open to all, with local and international architects participating.

The winners will be announced in a special event soon by both Abdullatif Alfozan Award for Mosque Architecture and RETAL company for urban development, he concluded.



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