Jan.23, 2023

Mujassam Watan Competition Strives to Beautify Saudi's Urban Skylines

مجسم وطن - الموسم الخامس

The fifth season of the Mujassam Watan architectural competition, an initiative founded by the Al Fozan Social Foundation, is now under way and open for submissions.

Saudi Arabia’s 93rd National Day on September 23rd, 2023, is set to be the date for the winner of season 5 to be announced, ,. The competition's secretariat stated that there are 5 potential locations for the winning design to be built, 4 of which are roundabouts and Square in different areas. Architects can apply to participate in season 5 of the competition through the website https://mwaward.com/


Following the outstanding success of the first four seasons, we are now proud to begin season 5, helping foster innovation in architectural shape and design,” said Dr. Mashary Al-Naim, the competition's secretary general.

Naim expressed gratitude for the Leadership’s support of the competition to make it a reality that empowers the private sector according to the principles of Vision 2030, affirming that the competition has helped shape local urban skylines with pioneering landmarks.

With 5 potential build locations selected for the upcoming season, he said, the competition continues to expand and broaden the wealth of visual pleasantries across Saudi Arabia's cities.


We look forward to seeing creative, ground-breaking designs that add to the depth of the nation's culture and rich history,” Naim said.

Entries for the competition are open to architectural consultancy firms, colleges, and architects, both Saudi and foreign, who may choose to participate individually or in groups. All applicants are required to submit a video that explains their design, which should be inspired by the Kingdom's heritage and include a theme relevant to National Day.

Launched in2018, Mujassam Watan is a nationwide competition that attracts industry-leading architectural designs to be built and unveiled on the Kingdom’s National Day every year. Season 1’s winning design was constructed at the Al Bairak roundabout, season 2’s two winning designs were built in Arda Square and Anan Alsamaa roundabout; Aebayah roundabout was home to season 3’s winning design on the 92nd National Day, while season 4’s dual winners brought their designs to life at the Covenant roundabout and Inception Square.


Source: https://www.alriyadh.com/1994030

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