Feb.23, 2022

Ministry of Education honors Mr. Abdullatif Al Fozan at the Social Responsibility Partners Ceremony.

Ministry of Education honors Mr. Abdullatif Al Fozan at the Social Responsibility Partners Ceremony.

In the presence of His Excellency the Minister of Education, Dr. Hamad bin Muhammad Al Al-Sheikh, the Ministry of Education honored Mr. Abdullatif bin Ahmed Al Fozan, for his effective contributions as one of the pioneers in the social responsibility in the Kingdom, and the founder of the AFAC Center for Autism.

This came in a ceremony organized by the Ministry entitled “Partners” to honor the partners of the Ministry of Education in Social responsibility, which was attended by several officials, members of the Shura Council, university presidents, businessmen, heads of institutions, national companies, and banksز

Mr. Abdullatif Al Fozan, founder of the AFAC Autism Center, was honored for his continuous efforts through Al Fozan Social Foundation, which oversees and manages many qualitative initiatives that meet the needs of society and consolidate the concept of social responsibility and sustainable development, including the center that provides educational services for kids with autism spectrum disorder and educates families to facilitate the integration of children In public education, Al Fozan thanked the Ministry of Education for being the partner that embodies the principle of partnership between the public and private sectors within the pillars of Vision 2030.

The Abdullatif Al Fozan Autism Center "AFAC" was established in 2020 in the city of Al-Khobar and is the largest Autism center in the Middle East. The center provides specialized service through a variety of highly qualified cadres with the aim to integrate students with autism spectrum disorder in the classroom according to the age groups controls by the Ministry of Education through early intervention. It is a supportive community center that enables children and their families to learn, integrate with society and grow. It provides several supportive services including occupational therapy, sensory integration, speech and language, behavior modification and skills development, and social and psychological support.


Source: https://www.sobranews.com/sobra/163314

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