Jun.03, 2018

Ertiqa Launches ‘You See it as a Blessing’ Campaign

Ertiqa Launches ‘You See it as a Blessing’ Campaign

Ertiqa, the association specialized in refurbishing computers, launched the ‘You See it as a Blessing’ campaign to spread societal awareness on the importance of recycling electronics and donating surplus and unused devices to refurbish them for those in need.


Ertiqa General Supervisor Eng. Saleh Bathefar explained that the campaign seeks to highlight the importance of computers as a communication tool and a blessing that mustn’t be neglected or thrown haphazardly in a way that can harm the environment.


Bathefar explained that the association refurbishes devices and offers it to parties in need such as community centers, charity associations, and educational institutions in the Kingdom. He added that Ertiqa has made donations available for individuals, government agencies, and companies through drop-off sites in eXtra branches and the association’s headquarters in Al Khobar, in addition to an agreement with the Saudi Post through 15 cities in the Kingdom and 18 other central mail carriers where devices are received and sent to the Ertiqa lab for free.


Source: https://www.spa.gov.sa/1772789

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