Sep.23, 2022

Eastern Province Mayor Launches Ebayyah and By the Stars Roundabouts

Eastern Province Mayor Launches Ebayyah and By the Stars Roundabouts

His Excellency Eng. Fahd bin Muhammad Al-Jubeir, the Mayor of the Eastern Province, inaugurated the Aebayah and By the Stars roundabouts in Al Khobar last Thursday in a ceremony that coincided with Saudi Arabia’s 92nd National Day celebrations.

H. E. Mayor Al-Jubair was accompanied to the new venues by Eng. Mazen Bakhraji, Deputy to the Mayor for Urbanization and Projects; Eng. Meshal Al-Harbi, the Mayor of Al Khobar; Adib Al-Zamil, Chief Executive Officer of the Zamil Group Holding Company; and Abdullah Al Fozan, Chairman of Mujassam Watan, a competition launched in 2018 by Al Fozan Social Foundation to foster rising local architects.

“The success of this initiative was inevitable, given the exceptional impact it had left in earlier iterations,” said H. E. Mayor Al-Jubair, thanking Mujassam Watan competition’s management. “The designs we have seen were all impressive in the ways they expressed love for this country.”

He also thanked AlZamil Group for sponsoring the construction of Aebayah roundabout, saying that their efforts help encourage corporate social responsibility activity within the private sector.

Mr. Adib AlZamil, AlZamil Group’s CEO, thanked His Royal Highness Prince Saud bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz, the Prince of the Eastern Province, and HRH Prince Ahmed bin Fahd bin Salman, the Emir’s Deputy, for their unwavering commitment to the targets of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 through fostering public-private partnerships and the beautification of public spaces. He also thanked Khobar municipality and Al Fozan Social Foundation for this partnership to the construction of the Aebayah roundabout, a national monument and great source of pride for the Kingdom and its people.

Al Fozan expressed the company’s deep appreciation for the great public and private support the competition had received, stressing that it fosters competitiveness among national and international creatives to beautify the public landscape and highlight the Kingdom’s rich architectural heritage.

Dr. Mashary Al-Naim Secretary General of the Mujassam Watan competition, praised the competition’s role in fostering patriotism and a sense of connection to the Kingdom’s heritage and culture. He stressed that the competition would continue to enrich the Kingdom’s visual landscape and offer architectural works that impress and inspire the public.

Following the inauguration, H. E. Mayor Al-Jubair and his accompanying delegation toured the Aebayah project and attended a detailed presentation on its construction timeline. The roundabout pays tribute to Aebayah, the mare that King Abdulaziz had ridden as he unified the Kingdom.



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