May.30, 2022

Aramco, Athath Sign MoU Over Furniture Recycling

Aramco, Athath Sign MoU Over Furniture Recycling

Global petroleum giant Saudi Aramco signed a memorandum of understanding on Monday with the Athath Charity to recommission and recycle used furniture.

The MoU covers efforts to spread awareness about community service by reusing furniture and helping the beneficiaries of charities, nonprofits, and low-income segments of society.

The MoU was signed by Hamad Al-Duaili, the charity’s Secretary General and member of its Board of Directors, and Fahd Al-Dhubaib, Aramco’s Chief Executive for Residential Services. Held at Al Fozan Group’s headquarters in Dhahran, the signing ceremony was attended by Nabil Al-Jamea, Aramco’s Senior Vice President for Human Resources and Support Services, and Abdullah Al Fozan, Chairman of the Athath Charity.

“Working with Athath is just one manifestation of our active collaboration with community institutions to empower and build capabilities,” said Al-Jamea. “Saudi Aramco is involved in many social responsibility and goodwill programs for the benefit of the communities it operates within.”

The MoU, he explained, covers the launch of a bigger and better platform for donations, through which the company can recommission its used office and residential furniture to achieve a circular economy, creating more sustainability in its value chain and minimizing waste through reuse and recycling.

“Aramco’s circular economy model aims to introduce systemic, sustainable change and add to the company’s already impressive portfolio of similar initiatives,” Al-Jamea continued. “This model builds not only economic capital, but social and natural capital as well, by cutting the consumption of finite resources, minimizing waste, encouraging the reuse of materials and products, and helping natural rejuvenation.”

Abdullah Al Fozan, Athath’s Chairman, said that the MoU is the young charity’s first, made possible through the efforts of multiple businesspeople in the Eastern Province, to enhance the culture of preservation and recycling.

According to the MoU, a team of specialists from Athath would collect used and decommissioned furniture from Aramco, inspect it for quality and damage, and recommission it as and where needed.


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