Dec.25, 2021

Ajdan Real Estate Development Company Launches “AMC Ajdan Walk” Cinema

Ajdan Real Estate Development Company Launches “AMC Ajdan Walk” Cinema

• “AMC Ajdan Walk” cinema is the first independent cinema building in the Kingdom.

• Quality projects that help realizing higher level of quality of life, in line with the Kingdom's vision 2030.

• Ajdan Developments projects bear an influential, cultural and tourist feature.

Ajdan Real Estate Development Company is proceeding to complete the Ajdan Waterfront System. A few days ago, the company completed the inauguration of the "AMC Ajdan Walk" cinema building on Al-Khobar Corniche, which is the first independent cinema building in the Kingdom, and the first cinema theater of AMC in Al-Khobar.

In this context, Mr. Abdullah bin Abdul Latif Al-Fozan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ajdan Real Estate Development Company, said, “We always look forward to promote societal transformation in order to contribute to help quality of life enrichment, and move ahead with the Kingdom’s vision 2030.

He added saying: "We couldn't search of a better partner than AMC to join our vision and develop the cinema and entertainment industry on Ajdan Waterfront, the fantastic destination which is known as one of the most tourist attractions in the Eastern Region."

For his part, Eng. Mohammed bin Abdul Mohsen Al-Otaibi, CEO of Ajdan Real Estate Development Company, the developer and operator of Ajdan Waterfront in Al-Khobar, expressed his happiness with this achievement saying: “We are proud to cooperate with AMC Cinema, and we look forward to make AMC Cinema in Ajdan Walk one of the attracting landmarks and trendy entertainments of Ajdan Waterfront.

With the opening of the AMC Cinema building, three out of the four components of Ajdan Waterfront have been completed.

It is worth mentioning that the Ajdan Waterfront is developed by Ajdan Real Estate Development Company on a total area of 40,000 square meters, to be an integrated system that helps promote the quality of life through diversity and integration between its sophistication elements on Al-Khobar Corniche and Prince Turki Road, and consists of 4 main elements, namely: “Ajdan” Rise", a luxury residential tower on the sea, "Ajdan Walk", the shopping and restaurants village, "AMC Ajdan Walk Cinema ", a 9 halls separate building, and "Fairmont Ajdan Al-Khobar", a 5-star hotel, in addition to the public services and facilities, which are components created in order to enhance the presence of Al-Khobar city at the regional level in terms of investment, tourism and entertainment, and in order to help realize the vision of quality of life for the local community.

The new AMC Ajdan Walk Cinema building offers more than 900 seats, distributed across 9 halls, including 7 advanced screens, a Dolby Cinema hall and a Prime hall.

Ajdan Real Estate Development Company, which was established in Al-Khobar city, is one of the most important development companies at the regional level. The company seeks to create a civilizational impact, a cultural transformation, and a societal enrichment helping the quality of life, by developing integrated attraction centers, and enabling the real estate market industry through qualitative development in the management of projects that are flexible and can offer more sustainable returns on investment. The company provides a mixture of urban development of mixed-use projects ranging between residential, commercial, hospitality and entertainment projects in order to serve the largest possible number of beneficiaries.



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