Jul.15, 2023

Ajdan Commences Sales in Al-Fursan Suburb, Riyadh


In collaboration with the National Housing Company (NHC), Ajdan Real Estate Development Company has announced the start of sales operations in its Darah Al-Fursan project, located within an area exceeding 299,000 square meters in the Al-Fursan suburb, northeast of Riyadh. This falls under its residential projects program, "Darah," which aims to provide competitive housing solutions across the Kingdom.

The company revealed that Darah Al-Fursan project offers over 600 residential units with distinctive designs and various housing options, including villas in four models and different sizes ranging from 334 to 362 square meters. These villas have been designed with contemporary architectural components within a model neighborhood that ensures comfort, luxury, and privacy for Saudi families, all at competitive prices. Additionally, the suburb's distinguishing vital services and gardens are complemented by the innovative architectural layout of Darah Al-Fursan, which optimizes space utilization and showcases contemporary facades inspired by the area's identity and Salmani style.

Interested buyers can access sales for "Darah Al-Fursan" by visiting the sales exhibition at the comprehensive "Sakani" center in Riyadh or through Sakani's online platforms.

It is worth mentioning that Ajdan Real Estate Development Company, in cooperation with the National Housing Company, aims to offer more than 2,600 villas in several cities and provinces of the Kingdom, including 606 villas in Al-Fursan suburb, Riyadh, 472 villas in Qamarah Community, Safwa, 580 villas in Al-Makimin Community, Madinah, 532 villas in Sadaim suburb, Jeddah, and 499 villas in Makkah Al-Mukarramah."

Source: https://maaal.com/?p=521768

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