Aug.06, 2023

AFAC Center Attains Accreditation from the British National Autism Society

مركز آفاق - الجمعية البريطانية للتوحد

The British National Autism Society has granted accreditation to the Abdullatif AlFozan Autism Center, known as 'AFAC.' This accreditation will contribute to the development of the social perspective towards autism and ensure outcomes that align with the international standards set by society. The accreditation encompasses three main areas: commitment to implementing infrastructure standards, staffing, and programs; a profound understanding of the characteristics and needs of children with autism spectrum disorder and the capability to meet those needs; and empowerment through the effectiveness of services provided to children and their families.

This step aims to aid the center in achieving its strategic objectives by facilitating the exchange of expertise and collaboration with relevant entities, in order to provide services to individuals with autism that meet global specifications and standards.

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