Recycle IT

The Computer Rehabilitation Charitable Organization, Ertiqa is a new and exciting social initiative that helps preserve and prolong the life of computers and other IT hardware. By doing so, the program helps protect the environment and build a culture of sustainability.

Ertiqa plays a major role in the education sector by helping the Ministry of Education raise educational standards even higher through the optimization of the use of both computers and training programs. Ertiqa’s dream is to establish interactive IT clubs at both all-boys and all-girls elementary schools across the Kingdom under an outstanding initiative known as ‘Learn to Progress’.

Under this program, up to 15,000 schools and 2.5 million children are encouraged to think critically, solve problems, attain increased levels of self-expression and, ultimately, unleash their full potential using computers and related software such as MIT Media Lab programs with allied support from Microsoft and Intel.

Going further still, Ertiqa has partnered with the Association for Orphans’ Care, the Directorate of Prisons in the Eastern Province and other government agencies to set up computer clubs.

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