Future Mosque Architecture

Abdullatif Al Fozan Award for Mosque Architecture was established in 2011, focusing on the urban, architectural, and technical aspects of mosques. The award recognizes the engineering firm behind the winning project in each three-year cycle. The concept of the award emerged with the vision of creating a global platform that contributes to advancing knowledge in contemporary mosque architecture worldwide. Its purpose is to promote and support exemplary models in mosque design, construction, and preservation. Additionally, the award encompasses various activities aimed at establishing a comprehensive global database on mosques, emphasizing the role of mosque architecture in the 21st century as a fundamental expression of the mosque's contemporary and future significance in its architectural, cultural, and social context.

The award created and enhanced an electronic platform containing all information related to the award and its previous works. In addition, we have worked on relaunching parallel databases of scientifically and professionally classified data so that they are available to all architects and researchers interested in mosque architecture from around the world.

Mosquepedia | is the architectural database for mosques around the world, containing all architectural information, plans, photos, and shapes for mosques.

Asfar | is a database of books, references, researches, visual and audio materials related to mosque architecture.

Manaber | is the database for all architects, planners, designers, researchers, and professionals working in mosque architecture worldwide. It contains their resumes, photos, and pictures of their work.

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