Enabling Thoughtful Inclusion

Abdullatif Al Fozan Center for Autism (AFAC), a state-of-the-art specialized facility for children aged 3 to 16 on the autism spectrum, is one of the latest initiatives from the Al Fozan Social Foundation. The first-of-its-kind in the Eastern Province, AFAC offers a welcoming and supportive community center where children and their families can learn, socialize and grow.

Situated in Al-Khobar in an area spanning 14,085 square meters, AFAC was established as the largest autism center in the Arabian Gulf to provide a specialized service through a variety of highly qualified cadres, which are subject to international standards in the field of autism.

Designed by Simon Humphreys, an engineer specialized in autism, the center’s building has adopted global standards to meet the specific needs of autistic children, and how they respond to their environment. AFAC’s wide-ranging facilities and amenities include classrooms, libraries, laboratories, and gym, and it offers various supportive services including articulation and communication, occupational and sensory therapy, physical education, and behavioral exercises, among several others.

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