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Enriching our cities with beautiful landmarks.

The Mujassam Watan competition was established in 2018 with the aim of promoting innovative and creative ideas that embody the cultural heritage of Saudi Arabia and foster a sense of national pride. This competition invites architects, designers, and architectural firms to showcase their talent by designing a unique and symbolic artwork that will serve as a permanent landmark in a public area or region of the Kingdom. The winning design, which represents a significant contribution to urban, architectural, and artistic realms, is unveiled annually on the National Day and Founding Day.


• Promoting the concept of belonging to the nation and strengthening national identity.

• Integrating historical heritage with contemporary visions that embody the journey of development and progress.

• Stimulating youthful creativity and empowering them to translate their work into reality.

• Enabling partners from the private sector to obtain the best designs and encouraging them to evolve.

• Adding aesthetic landmarks with national meanings through professional execution and raising public taste.

• Contributing to quality-of-life programs, which is one of the objectives of Vision 2030.


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