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Enriching our cities with beautiful landmarks.

Mujassam Watan is a national award launched in 2018 with the aim to support and encourage the innovation and creation of creative ideas that express national unity and the Kingdom’s history. It gives participants the opportunity to compete in designing creative, unprecedented, and symbolic artistic pieces to be used as a cultural, urban, and artistic symbol or landmark in one of the Kingdom’s public areas or squares. The winning design is announced on the National Day every year and is executed by the sponsors of each cycle.

The award strives to embody a spirit of loyalty and belonging by shedding light on the talents of the nation’s youth by supporting and enabling them to see their winning designs showcased on the ground.

The competition is held annually throughout a 10-month cycle, wherein participants submit their designs according to predetermined criteria. The entries are then reviewed and evaluated by a specialized jury, and the winners are announced on the Saudi National Day.

The competition’s directives are currently focused on two tracks:

  • Roundabouts
  • Squares and public areas


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