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Abdullatif Al Fozan Autism Center’s (AFAC) launching event

Abdullatif Al Fozan Autism Center
February , 2nd 2020
07:00 PM

Abdullatif Al Fozan Autism Center is the most dedicated center for autism in the region, and its door will be open after the launching event on February 2nd 2020. The event will take place at the center’s location in Alhada district, Alkhobar.

About the Center:

The supreme goal that special education seeks is to bring the child with a disability to a level of maturity, independence, and self-reliance by providing specialized educational and didactic services for people with disability.

From this standpoint, the Abdullatif Al Fozan Autism Center was established in Al-Khobar, as the largest autism center in the Arabian Gulf, to provide a specialized service through a variety of highly qualified cadres, which are subject to international standards in the field of autism.

The actual center area is 14085 square meters.

Designed by Simon Humphreys, an engineer specialized in autism, he has designed many buildings worldwide.

The building is designed with a calm and balanced structure, so the child can move around the center's yards easily in the middle of an understandable environment free of complications, and with the least number of materials and different colors, in order to provide less dispersion and isolation.

The building is adaptive with a large amount of flexibility, and adjustable to meet the needs of future of autistic children

The center is distinguished by 300 skilled as well as the multidisciplinary staff and supportive services, to serve 240 beneficiaries of autism disorder.

Saudis make up 95% of the total workforce in the center, and the female specialized cadres (60-70%).