Launching a real estate fund to develop a project in the suburbs Dammam

"Nesaj" Real Estate Development and one of Al Fozan Holding affiliates and " Swicorp financial advisory services, a leading private equity firm focusing on the MENA region, today announced the signature to launch a real estate fund suburban to develop project suburbs in the city of Dammam in the Eastern Province, with a capital up to 136 million (one hundred and thirty-six million) SR after the signing of a partnership agreement and develop with the company "Swicorp financial advisory services.

Swicorp helps clients optimize the capital structure of their projects and devises innovative structured financing solutions that enable clients to optimize the use of resources and financial flexibility for new and existing projects.

Nesaj Real Estate Development Company

NESAJ Urban Development was established in 2012 in east province of Saudi Arabia, "NESAJ" is one Al Fozan Group companies that specializes in developing and constructing housing units. Nesaj look forward to developing itself to become a leader and to integrated residential development. Nesaj offer homeowner to Middle- Income Families.

Contact Info.

P.O. Box 31059
Khobar 31952
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Tel: 920003226
Fax: +966 3868 4816

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