Eng. Muhannad Abudeiah, is Al Fozan Cultural Forum guest for the month of April 2013

Eng. Muhannad Abudah, shows his presence in Al Fozan Cultural Forum for the month of April 2013, as guest speaker, he spoke about “The Young and Restless in a Knowledge Economy” and he described the role of the Young in Building Knowledge Economy & the advanced strategies to develop it. And he pointed to the keys of building knowledge economy in KSA and he said "It's remarkable how far the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has come as a young nation. Rather, everyone has a role to play in building a knowledge economy".

Muhannad bin Jibril bin Khalil bin Ahmed Abudah, the inventor of Saudi descended origin of each House of supervision who Astkaro in the region of Jizan in southern Saudi Arabia, a native of the city of Jeddah was born in January 14 1987 corresponding to the fourteenth of the month of May of 1407 Hijri, a student at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, majoring in engineering physics, and his father is the media and Broadcaster.