Know more about Al Fozan holding group's rich history

About us


Al Fozan Group is a successful conglomerate with operations throughout the gcc and middle east. Led by a talented team of professionals, Al Fozan Group has evolved and diversified over the years to become one of the fastest-growing regional success stories today. The businesses in the group make it a leading player in retail, manufacturing, real estate and trading while its approach to corporate social responsibility puts the group on an even footing with the world’s best.
The group has the strength and commitment that comes from over half a century of business experience distinguished by excellence in achievement and attention to detail in everything it does.
The results of its highly successful track record speak for themselves in the form of its multibillion dollar annual turnover from more than 30 operating companies in over 200 retail locations in Saudi Arabia and the wider GCC.
But to appreciate the enviable position that the Al Fozan Group finds itself in today, it is first necessary to understand how the group came into being and the honourable motives behind its growth story.

Philosophy and values

Over the years Al Fozan Group has seen great change in the business environment domestically and globally. Business has become more sophisticated, more global and more interconnected. The group has adapted and flourished along the way, a fact attested to by the group’s impeccable corporate standing today. 

Such phenomenal growth in the face of immense change has only been possible because of the group’s solid grounding in a core set of beliefs and corporate values that define the group. These are universal attributes that the group lives by:


Honesty, transparency and credibility are core to all group activities


Adherence to strict ethical standards is the foundation of all the group does


Ensuring the provision of the highest quality goods and services is fundamental to all group activities


Being pioneers and venturing into uncharted waters with dedication and focus are central to the group’s management philosophy

Good corporate citizenship

Bringing prosperity to Saudi society while helping to protect the natural environment

Cherishing this philosophy and these values has ensured that business for the Al Fozan Group is not an end in itself, but a means to an end in bringing prosperity to members of Saudi society. Each business and partnership within the group lives and breathes these values and the group offers comprehensive corporate social responsibility programmes through Al Fozan Social Foundation.

The road ahead

As the Al Fozan Group faces the future, it does so knowing that the philosophies and ideals that have guided it since 1959 will continue to see the group thrive for many years to come. The group is always actively planning further expansion and diversification and looking to new frontiers. Throughout all of this activity, the group remains confident that its values and traditions will guide it on the right path.